Eatwell plate“You are what you eat”, is a well known expression. Being well from the inside is probably even more important than our outer body health. Even though we know it’s important, do we always do what’s best for our bodies? I’ve had two nasty viruses this year, which have wiped me out, so I’m always on the look out for how to improve my diet and lifestyle to help me stay well naturally.

I think I have a fairly balanced diet, with fresh fruit and vegetables most days. I don’t have the ‘food wheel‘ to hand everyday, but I’m aware of each section when planning the family menu for the week. I ensure we have a mix of each group over the week, even in some of our hasty mealtimes in between children’s activities.

Occasionally I’ve undertaken alchocol free months, and given up chocolate or cake for lent. The Dryathlon in January was a good idea, but I’m not sure I made the most of it health wise. I’ve always tended to think that overall I’m not eating badly, so I’ll stick with it. I don’t take any supplements, apart from Echinacea when I’ve need a boost to the immune system.

Since I started drinking Aloe Gel 3 weeks ago today, I’ve felt so much better. I really can’t believe it. Apart from not having woken with night sweats from day 4, my insides feel better. My tummy isn’t grumbling as much as it was. I’ve more energy than I’ve had in years! My son even tells me he thinks I’ve lost weight! From the research I’ve done on aloe vera so far, it seems that noone knows quite why aloe is as powerful as it is in addressing a number of conditions, but it’s likely to be the balance of nutrients as much as the 75 different natural nutrients themselves.

I am what I eat, and now I’m feeling healthier than ever. I’m going to continue with the Forever Aloe Gel drink for now, knowing that it’s assisting my digestion, helping my body absorb nutrients, and, adding vitamins and minerals and amino acids to my diet. I’ll keep you posted.