Staying fit and healthy – dream or reality?

I’m not the fittest, healthiest, slimmest, best looking person around. But, that’s not to say I’m not keen to be fitter, healthier, slimmer & better looking, (the last is a by-product of the other 3).

Carrot cake

Carrot cake – best of both worlds

I think I eat fairly healthily, but I do love cake & chocolate – “a little bit of what you fancy, does you good”, is a favourite saying of mine! I’ve had my ups and downs with weight, putting on a lot when I had my children, and not really losing most of it until the last couple of years. I was happy in my body, and it didn’t bother me. I still am, but I think I could do better, hence this new focus of mine.

I’ve always enjoyed walking, and gardening, and being outdoors. As a young person I played a lot of sport, until I had a serious knee problem. As a new parent, I walked a lot. As a working parent, the time I spent looking after myself reduced. I guess I didn’t put myself first. Most parents don’t.

So where am I now?

My boys are now 13 and 11, and are very fit, healthy and active. I certainly can’t keep up with them, and I don’t really want to. However, I do want to stay fit and healthy to support them in their activities, and enjoy our lives together. If they want to run around fields and I want to support them, then I have to be able to run a short distance too!

I have my own methods for staying fit and healthy, and I’m no expert. I’m a Mum, wife, business owner, daughter, sister, friend. My main business is supporting women to look and feel great in bras suitable for their body shape and size, through the Bra Lady network.

I’ve had two really nasty viruses this year, and am concerned that my immune system is a bit battered. My Mum had ovarian cancer, which she battled for 10 years, having first been diagnosed at 55. I’m 44. Can you see where I’m coming from?

I’ve been staying fit and healthy in my own way for the last few years, with these viruses along the way. I’m now taking even more interest in staying fit and healthy and trying to keep more of a regime in my week to help me stick to my goals. Dreams can become reality with patience, perseverance and support from others.