I’ve had lots of fun, and learnt loads by following the 30 day blogging challenge by Sarke Media. I know I haven’t posted a blog a day, but it’s certainly got me into the habit of sharing content with you, which I know has been useful to you, as well as my own research, because you’ve been telling me it is!

A dream doesn't become reality through magic. 30 day blogging challenge determination and hard work will

Turn dreams into action

The challenge sets out a task a day to complete, using blog posts which you visit around the world to learn different styles and get to know other people and how they do things. There’s no ‘right way’ to blog, which is reassuring. Blogging is about sharing information with others which you feel passionate about. I hope that’s come across in my posts?

Along the way I’ve tried new techniques, found some tricks to speed up my writing and creating images to go with the words I’m writing. You may not have noticed, but I’ve trialled things as we’ve gone along. Hope you didn’t mind?

I’ve also had LOADS of support along the way. From the technical, behind the scenes, type of stuff, to a ‘how do I link this with that’ type of query. Sarah and Kevin Arrow are fantastically generous with their knowledge and time, and the Facebook support group has over 3000 people in it who are also really helpful and supportive, and give tips and guidance too.

Now I’m at the end of the 30 day blog challenge, I’ve got lots of plans for what I want to share with you in the future, and how I’d like to do it. I’ll still be getting support from the group, and learning from them, but it would be fantastic to hear what would help you Stay Fit and Healthy, and if you’ve anything particular you’d like us to use these pages for. Please comment below, and we’ll add things in to our planner.

Thank you to my regular readers, and welcome to my new ones. I’m looking forward to Supporting you Stay Fit and Healthy for the next 30 years, from this blogging challenge firm base.