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OK, so you may think I’m skipping the story with taking days 7 and 8 together here. Apologies. That’s because I really found them to be very similar days. I’d change my mindset to help me meet my end goal, and I breezed through days 7 and 8. I was so cocky, I didn’t even tick all the boxes in my C9 booklet!

You’ve all heard about mindset, I’m guessing? Whether it be, “having the right attitude”, or “if you change your mindset, everything you want to happen will happen”. I haven’t done that much reading up on mindset, but I’m well aware of how the mind plays tricks on your body. I’ve seen it for myself, in my own personal journey. I’ve also watched how my son’s mindset of comparing himself to others can make him ‘fail’ at some tasks he undertakes.

So what has mindset got to do with me completing my Clean 9 programme?

What kind of mindset do you haveIt’s only now, when I’m reflecting on the last 9 days of following a programme of eating and exercise, that I realise that I wanted this journey to REALLY help me focus on my body and mind. Just before I started the cleanse programme, I went to a business training day, and saw this slide about mindset. I read it, but didn’t really take it in, until now.

I’ve been unwell, both physically, and mentally, for probably about 5 years. Throughout that time I’ve led a reasonable life, running my businesses, and supporting my growing family. We eat healthily, and as a family we’re fairly active. I started running about 6 years ago, but never really had any goals to work towards, apart from getting fitter.

When I decided that I wanted to make sure my body was finally free from nasty bugs, it wasn’t a choice I took lightly. The C9 programme isn’t cheap, at £108. So, you have to commit to it. You MUST want change in your body.

As I’ve never been interested in dieting, I haven’t suffered from “that didn’t work, so nothing will”. When I’ve not progressed in my running, I’ve put it down to now having a goal, so I’ve set little ones along the way.

So, these last two days, I haven’t felt hungry during the daytime, or evening, which had previously been touch points for me. My family have been amazed I’ve stuck to the programme. For me, it just made sense to stick to it, to the letter. It’s been about being focused on ME for a change. How I feel, and what I want for my body for the future. I may well have wanted it to be fit and healthy, but I wasn’t sure how to start. This 9 day programme has shown me I CAN achieve anything I want, and my family will support me every step of the way.

Have you got a GROWTH mindset? Are you ready to change, to achieve what you want? Do your “effort & attitude determine everything”? I’m here to help support you, whatever journey, personal, health or fitness you want to undertake.

If you’re ready to commit to changing something, and would like my support, please contact me, and leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to supporting you. I’m offering FREE support for the first 5 people who contact me.