It won’t always be easy to achieve your goals, or take the little steps you’ve planned. I know. I’ve just hit another bump in my fitness journey.

Beautiful day for running

Perfect conditions for running

Today I’d planned a longer run. With my first 10k run just 2 weeks away, I’ve increased my distance, once a week, and today I’d planned 3 x 20 minute runs, with a 2 minute walk in between. It was a beautiful day. Bright and crisp, and fairly quiet when I went out.

All was going well until about 40 minutes into the run. I’ve been fortunate not to have any niggles, or injuries recently. So imagine my surprise when my knee suddenly had a shooting pain running through it. Arggh! Yes, I said that in my head!

I cut my run short, as the pain was continuing, but had managed to run just under 8km in just about an hour. I should be pleased with that! I am however disappointed that I didn’t complete my planned route and time.

Now, later in the day, with some rest, and MSM gel covering my knee-joint, I am feeling pleased with today’s exercise. I’m so close to achieving my goal, and being ready for the CRUK Winter Run in Manchester, that I don’t want anything to get in my way. However, I am concerned that the distances I’m now running may be my limit. That’s fine as I’ve no ambition to run a marathon! I believe that if I continue to increase my all round body strengthening exercises, other muscle groups will give better support to my knees.

Checklist for exercise

  • Correct footwear for me and the exercise I’m doing
  • Correct sports bra for me and the exercise I’m doing
  • Warm up all muscle groups, particularly on cold days
  • Good nutrition to support the extra intensity sessions
  • Drink plenty of water before exercise, and get re-hydrated afterwards

This slight set back has meant I’ll be focusing on all round exercise and information to keep you injury free this week. Subscribe to our feed, so you don’t miss out.

Any other recommendations you’d make?