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When I started taking Forever’s Aloe Vera drinking gel, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it had helped release my friend from back pain; and my Mother in Law’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome had lessened it’s intensity. I was hoping for some health benefits, mainly to prevent me getting more nasty viruses, which my body has been prone to these last few years.

After 4 days I’d started sleeping through the night, where I’d previously been waking with hot sweats, and often not getting back to sleep for over an hour. I couldn’t believe it! What a bonus! More minerals and nutrients added to my diet, and a good night’s sleep, from a simple plant!

Other noticeable benefits over the first 4 weeks of drinking aloe vera gel, for me, have been:

  • my skin and eyes look cleaner and brighter
  • I have more energy throughout the day and well into the evening
  • my youngest son says I look like I’ve lost weight
  • my tummy isn’t as bloated after eating meals
  • my moods are more stable, and I’ve been more able to juggle the family and work commitments, without going into a flap with anyone

I wish I’d taken more photographs of myself when I started taking the Aloe vera gel drink as I really didn’t expect the effects that I’ve had. I don’t want to stop taking it now, and go back, just to show you! However, here’s some photos of my body over the 4 weeks.

one month of drinking aloe vera gel

All I can say, is that drinking Aloe vera gel has helped me. The cost of it, for me, is well worth getting regular, good sleep, every night. The other benefits are a bonus!

Get in touch for advice about how aloe vera may help you too.