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We’ve been busy since the start of 2016, as we’re serious about staying fit and healthy this year. We’ve been researching, and reviewing, and developing systems and programmes for ourselves and our clients. If you’re getting fit and healthy in 2016, and committing to stay fit and healthy, then here’s a good place to start, with some of the basics.

  • Work out why you’re going to get fit and healthy, and stay that way – is it clothes? Do you want to feel better? Has your doctor told you to?
  • How are you going to do it? There’s a few simple ideas here.
  • Reviewing and tracking how you’re getting on will help you stay motivated.

Getting fit and healthy starts here:

I CAN reduce my risk of cancer5 ways to stay fit and healthy in 2016

Why should I bother being fit and healthy?

A sports bra will make exercise more enjoyable

Setting health and fitness goals

Track your health and fitness goals

Staying fit and healthy – make small steps everyday

Sleep is our body’s best healer


Have you signed up to ICAN yet? Because no matter what the gremlins in your head are saying YOU CAN start getting fit and healthy. It’s never too late to get started and improve your health and fitness.

We’re here to support you, with support packages starting at £10 a month. Get in touch NOW & we’ll be right by you getting fit and healthy too.