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Back in November I set myself a fitness challenge. I’ve just completed it and it feels fantastic. How are you doing with your fitness goals?

T-J’s Fitness Challenge

Cancer Research Winter run challenge

T-J completes winter run challenge

I set myself the target of completing a 10K run. I reviewed my running training I was doing each week, and I knew I’d given myself plenty of time to get ready for the end of February Cancer Research UK Winter Run in Manchester.

I’m delighted to report that I did it! I amazingly ran all the way round the 2 lap course as well, which was most unexpected. I wore my medal all day, and it’s now proudly displayed at home for all to see.

I never thought I’d do it. Who knows why? However, I’ve worked hard. I’ve stuck to my plan. I’ve had support and encouragement from friends and family. When I had a bit of a wobble, I just used the time to do other fitness work, and stayed positive. I knew I’d be able to walk the course and complete the challenge, even if my knees were playing up.

Supporting you to reach your health and fitness goals

I’ve supported others since the Autumn to reach their own health and fitness goals, alongside my own. Now I’m ready to help more of you. There’s space in my week to support you personally to get, either, on track, or keep going, with whatever health and fitness goals you want to achieve.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to spring into action and feel good?

Are you ready to spring into action and feel good?

I’ve never been more ready and excited to help others. This year is certainly a good one.

Get in touch now to book your slot in my diary and together let’s get you into action.