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Toddler running

Children run naturally

Children learn to run as they develop. It’s the most natural thing to them, and they love it. Somehow as we get older we forget how to run, unless we continue doing some form of sport where we need to run. My youngest son, ran everywhere before he walked, and it’s a skill he still uses everyday.

We’re often told to be childlike, and forget about what we look like, or what others may think of us. However, somehow, as adults, we seem to be more concerned about not ‘looking silly’, so we worry about wobbling around the park, or how slow we might be. Isn’t that ridiculous when what we should be concerned about is our long term health and well being?

I started running about 6 years ago, in response to needing to do something physical – for fitness and my mental health – after my Mum died of Ovarian Cancer. I wanted to pound the streets to get my frustrations out of my system. As a child and teenager I’d been pretty fit and active. Until I had a knee problem (twisted kneecaps), from doing too much of the same type of exercise!

I started out running by myself and setting myself goals. Over the past 6 years, others may look in and say I haven’t really progressed that much. My original goal was to run for 30 minutes without walking. I realised I’d done that the other week, when I just kept going and it was 33 minutes when I looked at my watch! I learnt loads from a Beginner Running group I attended a few years ago and I can still hear Jeanine from J9Fitness telling me to, “pick your knees up & use your arms”. Her simple tips have really helped me use different techniques and not giving up when I felt I wasn’t getting very far – literally!

Having, quite by chance, achieved my running goal after 6 years, I’ve decided to go for a 10km run in February. I was happy to do it by myself, but, I’ve found that others wanted a goal to work for as well.

There are loads of groups out there offering support for Beginner Running. Councils, sports clubs, running clubs, leisure centres, sports shops and Beginner Running Groups. Ask around if you need help, there’s bound to be someone you know who can help you get going.

What are your fitness goals? Share them on our Facebook page so that we can all support you to achieve them. I hope it doesn’t take you 6 years to achieve them!