Ok, so that’s a very dramatic statement, I know, “How aloe vera drink has changed my life”. It happens to be true, and I simply want to share it with others. I’ve been very quiet around here recently, with all sorts of family stuff going on. We all have that, don’t we?

Aloe vera drink

My Mother in Law introduced me to aloe vera drink summer 2015, when she started drinking it for her IBS. I quickly noticed that her moods were smoothed, (hormonal), and she also told me her blood sugars had stabilised, (she’s a diabetic, so very aware of this).

benefits of drinking aloe vera gelI researched aloe vera drink, and liked what I saw, with the main benefits I could find summed up in this leaflet. I had nothing to lose by trying it, to try and rid me from whatever was causing viruses to come and go over the year. The medical tests I’d had showed nothing as a cause of my difficulties.

I started my first bottle of aloe vera gel just over a year ago. I didn’t mind the taste or texture, but I know some people aren’t keen on it. However, I had the end goal of no more viruses in mind, so was happy to try anything to help improve my immune system!

After 4 days of having the aloe vera drink, I was amazed to discover I slept through the night, without any night sweats. (I’m at that age of peri-menopause). Wow! Was it really the aloe vera which had caused this? I kept drinking, every morning 60ml of aloe vera gel.

Over the next month or so, I found I felt more healthy, and my skin was brighter. I just felt good. In the run up to Christmas, a usual favourite time for viruses, I had none. The aloe vera gel was doing what I wanted it to do for me.

So, I’ve kept on with the Forever Living Products aloe vera drink, for the past year, and I feel the best I’ve felt in almost 15 years. I had one weekend of feeling pretty rotten, but apart from that, no colds, viruses, or feeling unwell. I’ve done other things to help, along the way this year, which I’ll tell you about soon. However, the basis of my new found lease of life, I truly believe, is the aloe vera drink I use.

Do you think aloe vera drink may help you stay fit and healthy too? Get in touch and we’ll support you to find out.

N.B. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee on all Forever Living Products, which is why I knew there was nothing to lose by trying aloe vera drink.