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One of the easiest things, I’ve found, in my journey to a healthier lifestyle, is to eat healthier. It’s not always easy, but there’s certainly some simple steps you can take to eating more healthily. Whatever your personal circumstance, and budget, try these 8 tips for healthy eating, and let us know what you’d add in:

8 tips for healthy eating

8 tips for healthy eating

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1. Eat breakfast – There’s no point in skipping breakfast as you’ll only snack later in the morning. Have something, and make sure you drink something too. I’ve found drinking a protein shake, around 200 calories, is a great start to my day. It fills me up & means I don’t have to wait as long to do exercise either.

2. Be aware of your calorie intake – Just because you’re being aware of your calories each day, doesn’t mean you’re following a strict diet. It’s advised that men have around 2500 calories, and women around 2000 calories each day. However, this does depend on your activity levels too. Food labels are really handy, and many cafes now display the calories of every drink and food item. What about downloading a calorie checker link to your smart phone? A good reminder is 400 / 600 / 600. Breakfast = 400 calories, Lunch = 600 calories, Dinner = 600 calories & snacks/drinks = 400 calories. Adjust your intake from this starting point, and consider the exercise you’re doing today.

3. Cut down sugar – You do know that there’s natural sugar in many foods don’t you? So why add more sugar and unnecessary calories? A heaped teaspoon of sugar is about 25 calories, and 2 ginger nut biscuits are around 100 calories. 1 raw seedless grape is about 1 calorie. Try having 25 grapes instead of 2 biscuits this week.

4. Eat slower – our bodies and brains take around 20 minutes to notice the food we eat. By eating slower, and enjoying your food more, your body will feel fuller before you finish your plate of food. Then you won’t even want seconds. The idea is to feel satisfied, without having that ‘full’ feeling.

5. Use a smaller plate – simple right? Well, it works! Don’t feel you’ve got to fill your plate up to feel full. Still use the healthy plate model, but just less of it. You’ll be surprised how much this helps to eat less.

6. Drink some water – well, actually, drink a lot! 2 litres a day for women and 2.5 litres for men. Drinking water will help to fill your body up, and clean it, without the need to add food. As long as you’re drinking water with every meal, and in between, you’ll find you feel fuller for longer, and won’t feel the need to snack.

7. Share and save – whether it’s a packet of crisps, or biscuits, or a meal you’ve made, it’s lovely to share isn’t it? So share the food, or simply save the rest for another day. We have amazing fridges and freezers these days, so just divide things up, cover them, and store well. You’ll save money this way too!

8. Plan ahead – maybe this is the most important tip? By planning and shopping to a list, you’ll not only save money, but also make sure you eat healthily each day. You’ll be in control of your weekly intake, and if you’re out with friends one day, you know you can eat fewer calories the following day to adjust your food intake.

Whatever you have done, these 8 tips for healthy eating can be introduced this week. What else would you add to this list for healthy eating? Let us know how you get on with these healthy eating tips as well this week.