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Well, we’re only 9 days into the new year, and some people are already smashing their health and fitness goals. Others haven’t fared so well, and are struggling with their “dry January”. So, we thought we’d pull together a simple checklist to improve your health in 2016.

5 ways to improve your health in 2016

1. Set yourself some health goals for 2016.

Your health goals could be weight or body measurement based. They could be healthy eating goals, or fitness goals. Or even a combination of these. Write them down and share them with someone – your family, or a friend. Please also share with us if you want us to help keep you on track.

2. Improve the food you eat each week

Eatwell plateKeep a food diary for one week, writing everything you eat and drink in it. At the end of the week, review it. Use a calorie calculator to add up the calories you’ve consumed each day. Have you eaten the Eat Well Plate everyday, in the quantities recommended?

Can you improve what you eat next week? Write a menu planner for the week, to get you on track. Remember to update your shopping list of what you need to buy, so you don’t fall into eating what’s in the cupboard.


3. Do more exercise each weekBenefits of activity for adults

Keep a record, whether it’s on a smart phone app, or in your diary, of all the exercise you do this week. Are you doing at least 30 minutes of activity every day? Could you increase the intensity of the exercise, or the amount? For example, if you’re walking to the bus stop, could you walk to the next bus stop to give you that bit extra activity each day? Check the reasons why activity is important in this post.

You may want to join a local group to help you. There are many free exercise groups, volunteer led sports clubs and many Couch to 5K groups to help you move more this year.

4. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink

We’ve all heard the new alcohol guidelines, published by the Department for Health this week. Whatever alcohol we drink, it’s raising our risk of health issues, particularly cancers.

Ensure you have at least 3 alcohol free days each week, and cut the amount you drink. Don’t save all your units up to one night out with friends. You’ll feel better, and you’ll find it helps your bank balance as well!

5. Drink more water

Water is important to how we function. We wrote about this during our 9 day Cleanse. How much do you drink each day now? Are you drinking about 2 litres of water each day? How much caffeine are you drinking each day? Why not replace one cup of caffeine with a glass of water or fruit tea, each day? It’s a simple step, but one which will help you feel brighter. Once you’ve replaced one cup, go for the next cup.

We’d love to hear what your 2016 goals are to improve your health. Please tell us below. We’d also like to hear your tips to get everyone fit and healthy this year.