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Getting, and staying, fit and healthy can be hard.

  • Habits, and mindset need to change.
  • Support must be available from family, friends and children.
  • Realistic goals need to be set and worked towards

This is where Stay Fit and Healthy help.

The free 30 day Stay fit and healthy challenge is a perfect place to start.

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Forever Freedome aloe vera gel drink

I've thrown away my tablets thanks to aloe vera gel

Taking the supplement aloe vera gel has meant many things for my health. I've reduced painkillers which I use for arthritis, and I've been able to increase the amount of exercise I do each day, which is helping me lose weight more easily. However, the biggest thing I've noticed, is that my body no longer needs prescription tablets to help with my waterworks. I've stopped taking them, and I go regularly now. I'm feeling great, and can't thank T-J enough for encouraging me to try aloe vera gel drink.

Mr H
Age 72
Jane Fox

Immune system boost with a smile

T-J always stays positive when the going gets tough, and always has suggestions & ideas and moral support for me. With T-J's advancement into wellbeing products, she has advised on which products will help the current symptoms I have battled with for a few months now and the products are working on improving my immune system. It won’t fix over night. It takes awhile for your body to absorb the right nutrients, fill it’s store cupboard and then put them to the right use for you to then feel so much better! She has a lovely warm friendly approach and an infectious laugh. Thanks T- J  

Jane Fox
Sarah Walton

Support for peri-menopausal night sweats

T-J has helped me enormously. The first time we met, I was amazed that I opened up about something which I don't normally talk about. Waking up at night - feeling hot - my heart beating quickly. When my doctor said 'it's probably the peri menopause', and sent me away without any suggestions of what to do next, I thought it was simply something I had to live with. T-J said drinking aloe gel could help. She was so sincere that I really wanted to give it a go. I have - every morning before I go to work and I know that it's working. I've had several nights when I haven't woken and it's makes so much difference. I feel refreshed and full of energy during the day.

Sarah Walton